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      I've finally arived at the point of needing a new video camera for my business. The iPhone lacks the lens & versatility, and my SANYO Xacti, which shoots well enuf, lacks a Mic input.


      Here are the parameters:


      Shoot Training & Rehearsal, most often in an office environment.

      Must have decent Zoom capability to go from Head-2-Toe to Full Face close-up.

      Need an xternal Mic input, but doesn't have to be an XLR.

      Headphone jac might be nice but not a deal-breaker.


      Video will go into a 13" Mac Air for storage & to show the Client the results.

      I might edit the Video in my office on an intel iMac using iMovie '11.


      As "most often" is not always, I'd like to take it out to locations where I can shoot short training videos that I edit and post on my website, YouTube, iTunes, etc.


      Now here's the 'kick in the pants" part. I live in Camera Heaven, better known as Tokyo. Problem is I don't speak Japanese very well so getting questions answered is not a problem if I spoke it, but I don't. 2nd Problem is there are no deals here on camera equipment. 


      I don't want to overbuy and I'm thinking in the low hundreds if that's feasable. 


      Any ideas or suggestions re: any part or all of the above are appreciated.


      Thank you.

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      Hi luckycat – I would find a friend who spoke Japanese and take him with me down to the Akihabara district πŸ™‚


      Failing that, look for a Panasonic FZ200 ($490 in the states at Amazon).


      It has a mic input, a 24x zoom for wides and close-ups, and good performance indoors and outdoors. Sadly, it has no headphone out.


      Here is what it can do:



      Plus slow motion and special effects (please watch at 720p):



      The mic input is 2.5mm, so you'll need a $5 Hosa GPM-467 3.5mm to 2.5mm adapter to use it with standard microphones.


      Hope this is helpful and good luck!



      Hybrid Camera Revolution



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