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      Kinda what I'd like to have on my next unit and am looking for professional feedback from those that are using any unit/units that fill most if not all the list below.


      HD / 4K?

      Cards SD?
      Control Jack
      XLR inputs / 2???
      1/8’’ Mini plug for audio
      High Dynamic Range – 12-15 stops
      High ISO  up to 400K
      Large Sensor 1’’ up
      Auto and manual controls
      Multiple hours of record time for longer events
      Time code synchro

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      Hi gldean – there are several cameras that meet your requirements – but It really depends on your budget and whether you think you need UHD/4K or not.  I personally would avoid 1080p HD cameras, which , over the next few years, are likely to become as obsolete as 2009-era SD cameras are today.


      Between $7,500 and $10,000, the $8,100 Super 35mm Sony PXW-FS7 meets all of your criteria and, with its built in shoulder mount, is great ergonomically – but it's relatively expensive and requires an upgrade to shoot true cinematic 4096×2160 4K.


      Here is what this camera can do:



      Slow Motion







      Photo Shoot BTS





      Between $5,000 and $7,500, the $5,995 Blackmagic URSA is a little heavy at 16 lbs., and records to UHD rather than 4K – but it records RAW internally and has the widest dynamic range of any camcorder with the other features you're looking for,


      Here is what this camera can do:












      80fps Slow Motion





      You'll find more examples of what this camera can do in the Blackmagic URSA group I moderate over on Vimeo.


      I shoot with the $1,498 Panasonic GH4, and with the $1,375 Panasonic YAGH interface, it has XLR jacks and meets all of the other criteria on your list.  If you are on a budget, this camera is the best value for your money,


      Here is what this camera can do:







      96fps Slow Motion
      Music Video
      You'll find many more examples of what the GH4 can do in the "GH4K" group I moderate over on Vimeo.
      Hope this is helpful and best of the holidays!
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