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I am a still photographer that has been photographing more video lately with the help of my son. I've been using a Nikon 750 DSLR for the video but last week I needed a running video which DSLRs won't do., I rented a Sony 30u which worked out fine. Now I'm thinking of purchasing a prosumer Video camera for future use. I've looked at the Sony CX900 and the Sony AX 100, the 100 is a 4k camera which I don't need now but should I be thinking about a few years from now? I would appreciate any advice.

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Hey Dave,

I had the cx900 for about 6 months and used it professionally. I actually wound up selling it, but I will give you some of the things I really liked. It has excellent zoom capabilities. I think it zoomed 12x optically and 24x digitally. Most times digital zooms sucks but on the cx900 it is very good. The low light performance is excellent, the LCD is very good, it has ND filters and it has touch screen with touch to focus. The reasons i sold it - there is a proprietary hot shoe mount so you need an adapter to have a standard cold shoe ( just another thing for me to lose or forget to pack), the wifi control sucked, picture profiles lack customization so tweaking picture is almost impossible in camera, and I felt it was pretty expensive considering it doesn't come with xlr inputs or a handle. I have a review of it on YouTube.

Depending on your needs it certainly isn't a bad camera. The ax100 is the exact same with 4k.

Hope that helps,

Michael Turner