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      what camera do you guys use for action shots, such as a skateboarding.

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      Anything that shoots 60p and has a fast sensor to reduce "Wobble" and/or "Skew"(Rolling Shutter). There can be lots of panning in something like that, if you have to make a quick move to keep on the subject you don't want it to skew out. 


      If your camera produces "Skew" easily you'll have to plan it out and only pan on long shots where you can move the camera slower.

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      Stay attentive for the next couple weeks for a video that Greg's working on. He's literally shooting skateboarding today, but Woody Sanford's right, you'll want a camera with high frame rate, potentially a JVC GC-PX100 Also, we've been able to get some work done with the HERO3: Black Edition which has 1080p at 60 fps. Getting the right stabilizer can make a big difference too,


      Keep on shooting great video

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      did you ever try to use your mobile phone for extreme sports shooting?

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      If you are talking about how to shoot a stable action shot, of course, you can choose a super expensive and professional camera. But even these expensive cameras don’t guarantee that you can get a stable lens. In fact, you can use a mobile phone or a normal camera to get action shots by using the camera stabilizer. It allows you to shoot high quality and stable motion shots for any of these videos.

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