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      Hi all


      This is my first post here. I studied Media Production with majors in Video Production about seven years ago. My previous degree was in HR and I got a good job in HR and due to this I could do nothing in Video Production for a long time. I have been using few sony cams in 2004/05 ( I don't remember models) and post production on Premier 6.5.


      I was awarded Masters with distinction and before that I was famous in my family for making good videos, produced some family wedding videos as well in 2003/04.


      Now the circumstances have changed and I am working hard to kick start a Video Production business and will initially concentrate on wedding videos. The business plan is ready, what is lacking is knowledge of modern relevant equipment & technology.


      The very first thing in my list is a very good professional camera. Obviously I want to show a professional look from beginning although I know it will not be easy getting back on track but I cannot compromise on quality. I need your help to find a good professional camera. I do not want anything with a lot of complex functions but on the other hand I do not want anything which is  basic.


      Budget is £3000 (around $5000) but you can reccommend something above this price as well.


      And would it be good to start on Vegas Pro instead of Premier this time?


      Thanks all. Your comments will be important to reach a decision. I am very much grateful.

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      I would look at the Sony NEX EA50 and some fast glass. A used shotgun mic and pic up a decent used cordless and your in business. Should be under your buget limit as well.

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      I'm intrigued by your statement "I do not want anything with a lot of complex functions but on the other hand I do not want anything which is  basic."

      What do you consider a complex function?


      In order to point you in the right direction for gear, it would help to know what market segment you're aiming for. The low-end wedding videos can get away with handycams, small-chip cameras or even older prosumer SD cameras. The middle has a mix and match of DSLR, 3chip and prosumer HD cameras. The higher-end is often DSLR or large-chip cameras like the FS-100, C300 or the newly released EA50. 


      Have you seen some recent videos from these various categories? They might help you determine your camera needs.


      Regardless of the camera you choose, do NOT skimp on quality audio, lighting and support equipment. A bad tripod will make a great camera look aweful. A lousy audio track would ruin the best footage.


      To stand out in your area, you might also be looking at stabilizers, cranes and sliders.


      Weddings are a competitive field, so be prepared to stand out in some way, or you'll find yourself another cow in the middle of a herd.


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      I am grateful for the response. I took another 6 months in settling in a new city. Now got a wedding project which is in July and I have to buy a camera and all accessories asap.


      Thank you Woody Sanford for recommending Sony NEX EA50 and thanks voodeux for your endorsement for the same camera. Yes I would prefer something from higher end.


      "I do not want anything with a lot of complex functions but on the other hand I do not want anything which is basic." I mean I was not into it for years and don’t want to use something with difficult functions. Also I don’t want to use something which should be handed to learners only. Sony NEX EA50 seems really good; do you recommend this again after six months? Also please tell me what will be the difference if I opt for a DSLR? How a DSLR will benefit me instead of EA50?


      Please can you also reply to the following:

      some fast glass; which glass?

      A used shotgun mic; which one?

      and pic up a decent used cordless; which one?

      audio, lighting and support equipment e.g. tripod etc; just name models please

      Please recommend everything, I have to buy everything and I don't know anything. Also I am not using any other platform or source for guidance. All I know about myself is that if I have the right equipment, I can make something good. Just need a full kit, what you guys will recommend, I am going to buy it straightaway.


      To stand out in some way, I will definitely buy stabilizers, cranes and sliders one day. In fact it’s a start, or I should say, it’s a restart. I will have to wait some time until I do few projects. I am just waiting to start and finish first project. I want my confidence back and then, I know I am a bullet train. Many thanks again and hope to hear from you soon.



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