Camcorder with T3i Quality Video?

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      I am on the hunt for a camcorder around $1,000 to shoot some indoor, relatively low light video.  I have tested footage with my T3i and it looks great.  However, I need a camcorder to record continuously for 45 minutes – 1 hour and my T3i has limited recording length as do other DSLR's.  


      I have tested a couple of Canon Camcorders with the HD CMOS Pro sensor but they are nowhere near as clear and the picture isn't nearly as good as the T3i.  I am looking at a couple of Sony Camcorders including:


      Sony NEX-VG30 which I can get used for around $1200 locally

      Sony FDR-AX33 4K which comes in at $999


      Are there any others that I should consider?  Will one/both of these get me an image the same quality and clarity as my T3i?



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      For less than $1000, you might want to consider an $898 Panasonic GH3 body and a $30 DSLRKIT adapter for your Canon EF (not EF-S) lenses instead of a camcorder


      This camera can record for hours continuously and will give you higher video image quality than your T3i or any of the camcorders on your list.


      Here is the video image quality you can expect from this camera:


      In Camera Slow Motion
      Music Video
      It's a great still camera too:
      I own this camera and it really is the best of both worlds for video and stills.
      Hope this is helpful and good luck with your decision!
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      This is in response to brunerww’s suggestion for the Panasonic Linux H3:

      Although the camera body is under $900 a lens to work for this camera can be several hundred dollars.For example, a 4/3 Leica, 25mm, f 1/4 lens is $500 or more on So now the cost of a camera is $1400.

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      Dan Boon

      Sony FDR-AX33 is hard to go past at that price, mmm 4k.  You could also consider the Panasonic HC-WX970, depends on its price where you are.


      Though I have had good sucess using "magic lantern" on my T3i, to automatically restart recording.



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      Hi, I'm also looking for a camera with endless recording time and excellent quality and WOW! Those look amazing! Which lens are those videos using?

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