Camcorder with LANC and HDMI for Sports

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      Looking for a recommendation for an inexpensive (used is OK) camcorder with LANC for shooting my son's soccer games. I plan to put the camera on a boom/jig to get an elevated view. So need:

      – HDMI out so I can monitor with a screen

      – LANC for start stop and zoom

      – External Mic (to avoid wind noise)

      – Fast auto focus

      Budget is less than $500 for now while I try out this setup.

      I have a range of DSLRs – Panny GH4/GH3 and Sony A7s, but these cameras don't have a remote zoom. I realize Panny has a 45-175mm Power zoom lens but using that with WiFi I suspect isn't going to be fast enough.

      So that leads me to a good old fashioned LANC connector with Zoom and start/stop controls that I can manipulate along with the Jib, along with a Camcorder with LANC controls. Will likely get a handle mounted LANC controller.

      Candidates are Sony CX220 (with Sony adapters for LANC) or similar. Is there a similar older Canon model with LANC?

      Did look at a Canon HF G20/HF G30 and they look like great camcorders. But would like to try out a cheaper option first since I have spousal pressure to not spend more on equipment. 

      Thanks in advance.

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      Hi navchak – for what it's worth, the $79.95 Libec ZC-3DV LANC remote will work just fine with your GH4 and the $379 45-175mm power zoom (and the wi-fi zoom speed is pretty good too).


      Here is a demonstration of GH4 LANC and wi-fi power zoom control from emm at Cheesy Cam:





      Buying a LANC controller and a lens for $458.95 will probably make your spouse happier than shelling out for a new (or even used) camcorder πŸ™‚


      Hope this is helpful and Happy New Year!



      Hybrid Camera Revolution




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      Bill, thanks so much for the quick response. I came back and checked and saw your very helpful response. After some more research I was starting to lean in this direction and your post helped me confirm this. I actually used to own the 45-175mm PZ lens but returned it. Looks like I'll have to buy that or the 14-42mm plus a Panasonic compatible LANC controller.


      I guess the only con is that my working range will have to fit into one of those two options but yes, definitely easier to justify and less conspicuous in my collection than yet another camera if you get my drift ;).


      Happy New Year!



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