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      I shoot short business videos/short films and I am going to be doing some live events in the near future and I want to invest in a good camcorder that will auto focus and look good handheld. I love the 5d, I use it for everything so I would love to have something similar that I can possibly use in conjunction with my 5d at times. I am hoping to keep it under $4,000.


      Any suggestions/info is greatly appreciated.



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      Hi derpderp – it sounds like you're looking for the $3999 Canon C100 – here's what it can do intercut with the 5D Mark II and 5D Mark III:







      Even though this is a great camera and 100% compatible with your EF lenses and with the Canon "look" from your 5D – it doesn't have autofocus.  You would have to stretch your budget by another $500 for the dual pixel autofocus version.


      Hope this is helpful and good luck with your decision!



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      I'd echo brunerww's comments, with one exception. Save your $500 and skip autofocus. Manual focus is almost always sharper and better. Plus, learning the routine of white-balance, frame, and focus will make you a better shooter. If you do it for a month or so, you'll never go back, and you'll be able to see in an instant when a lazy shooter let the camera set itself.

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