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      James Ray

      Hello there.

      i am looking for a good camcorder to use to film live events, such as dance shows, dramatic performances, and concers/festivals. i have so far been looking at the likes of the Panasonic AG-DVX200 but im wondering if this is a good choice.

      for a little backstory, i am training as a lighting programmer/operator in these kinds of industries and need something good to film shows i work on with that isnt going to effect the shows (in other words, i need a run and gun type camcorder where i can set it up and leave it running during the show without having to worry about it). this doesnt meant i dont have time at the begging to set it up. im sure a good 10 minutes beforehand is fine, but i just need something reliable that is going to be able to handle stuff like strobing lights and not set itself on fire in an attempt to escape the torture. πŸ˜‰

      i need the camcorder to have some good ease of use (anything technical in terms of original set up is fine, but im talking about once those settings are saved (as for now i will be filming in the same venue for the next year) i can call those settings back when i turn it on next. or if things do need tweaking i need a reasonable short learning curve to be able to work out how to use it. i was able to teach myself how to use a programming language properly in a few days and the same goes for using lighting control equipment so i can safely say you arent talking to a grandparent here, but i am looking for something whre i am going to have hidden features or complex controls that i cannot google to work out how to use.

      as i said, so far ive been looking in to the Panasonic AG-DVX200 as while it is pushing my budget wuite a bit ive seen some good video footage from it with older video footage being chalked up to firmware updates. it seems pretty good at low light and i was also considering using it for filming other things such as mini documentraries and the like as a hobby, but with it being so highly priced im wondering if it is going to be giving me a worthy performance for the money.

      i also saw a cheaper option of the sony FDR AX1 but it didnt seem to have as good performance in low light.


      to put it all in a paragraph (and to repeat myself again) im looking for a camcorder that can handle big changes in lighting in reasonable time, in a budget of absolutely no more than £4000 all in (in terms of things absolutely required to film, i have tripods and memory cards), that is reasonable simple to set up and is ergonomic in terms of weight, size, and that sort of thing. 4k is preffered but if im going to see major changes in recording quaity in terms of noise from a 1080p camcorder it might be worth it. i finally need to be able to get it from a store such as, or wex photo video so i could collect it in store.

      any help greatly appreciated. i have seen similar previous posts but theyve been from the early 2010s and i know how quickly products can change, so i figured they may be something better out by now. πŸ™‚

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