Camcorder or Compactcamera?

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      I’ve always loved to take video and I used to “vlog” when I was a kid before it was a thing.
      Im moving to australia from sweden and thought about recording my everyday life in good quality.

      So I recently invested round 700 dollars on a Camera.
      I watched alot of reviews and stuff about vloging and nobody was recommending regular camcorders. And since I only had about 700 dollars to spend I bought a Canon powershot g7 x mark 2. I’ve hade it for 2 days now and Im starting to wonder why everyone was recommending this camera over all other choises. I thought you could get better image for 700 bucks…
      dslr’s is out of the picture since first of all I never take photo and when I do my phone works fine.
      I dont have the money to invest in a dslr and a lens tbh. I kinda need a “package thing”

      Atleast I have 12 days to exchange the Canon powershot to something else. But I’m not sure if I’m going to, cuz I’m still gonna be needing a camera.

      Can anyone enlighten me and tell me why people stopped using camcorders for these things?
      I personally loved camcorders back in the day and realized today that I would love to have one.
      Is there any Camcorder that records with very good sharp 1080p quality around the same price?
      I would LOVE to have a microphone input and the camera I bought doesnt appear to have one…

      Any suggsestions? I looked into the SONY FDR-AX33 today but bow does it compare to the Canon powershot I bought? Is it worth 100 more bucks?

      I know, alot of questions. I would really appreciate some help here…

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      Definitely recommend Canon t6i! This is a DSLR with a megapixel of 24.2MP, it has the highest resolution in all Canon APS-C cameras. very easy to use and possibly the most affordable DSLR options in the market. Check out a full comparison betwee t6i and a list of other similar options here:

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