camcorder OK for recording grand piano?

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      any suggestions for a camcorder costing less than £1000 which is good enough to record a grand piano? so far I am using a compact camera and a separate Zoom H2 audio recorder and then using Nero 2016 to sync the two files.

      good quality video means HD and not necessarily 4K?



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      If your looking for a budget camera the Canon Vixia series are the best. They are the cheapest cameras with a mic jack. However I would recommend higher end consumer cameras where they are more common including higher image quality.

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      You didn’t say which compact, or the purpose of your video. Tell us why and maybe post some footage. If it’s just piano, performance or tutorial, you might already have all you need. At this stage, nobody needs 4K.

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      Keep the Zoom. Recording pianos needs doing properly, and if you are happy with the zoom’s built in mics (which aren’t bad) then I’d do it that way and sync in post. I do it manually, and use a finger on the keys as a marker. The only grief is when the zoom needs to be in a position for sound, that looks rotten for visuals!

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