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      After doing a LOT of looking around on B&H, most of the camcorders on my short list are in the "pro" category, so I posted in this forum, however, I really want to keep it under $3k.   I have extensive experience in still photography, but am new to videography (have used consumer level video).


      I need a camcorder for moving subjects — brisk walk, 15mph, and around 25mph — outdoors and indoors.  Must have great autofocus, good image stabilizer, 30p/60p (wouldn't mind 24p, as well), and some type of external access to basic manual controls (NOT going through menus!). 


      One the "nice to have list" would be built-in ND filters, handle, XLR input, and 4k video.


      Two of the new JVC camcorders coming out soon, GY HM170 and GY HM200, seem to have a lot of bang for the buck.  The specs look as though they would fit in quite well with what I want to do. 


      In general, does JVC produce good video equipment??   In articles and reviews, JVC is not talked about as much as Canon, Sony, and Panasonic.  Is that because they just are not as popular, or they are not as good as those brands?? 


      Any brand/model recommendations??  My ears are completely open, and I appreciate any and all help!!! 


      Thank you very much πŸ™‚

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      Hi Roget – your list of features sounds like you're describing the new $2299 Sony PXW-X70.


      It has a 1" sensor, eight times larger than a traditional 1/3" camcorder sensor – plus it has HD-SDI out (in addition to HDMI), built-in NDs, dual media slots, XLR mic inputs and readiness for 4K with a paid upgrade that will be available early this year.
      And the X70's amazing optical steady shot system makes for very stable handheld shots.
      Walking shots in this travel piece are an example of what the X70 can do:
      Here it is intercut with the GH4 in an indoor single musician live performance:
      It's also a good exterior B roll camera, as seen here:
      In my view, the X70's robust 10-bit codec, pro features and optical steady shot system make it the best choice in this price class – especially since the new JVCs aren't shipping yet.
      Hope this is helpful!
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      Thank you for posting!!! 


      The Sony X70 was on my short list, but I am concerned about the auto focus with the larger sensor.  I have read that smaller sensors are better for action — not that smaller sensors have better auto focus for fast moving subjects, just that since everything is in focus, one doesn't know the AF hasn't kept up, and larger sensors show the lack of focus much more.  Since I am too new to video, I am not sure if that would be able to be fixed by using a smaller aperture, and how much that would affect exposure in different conditions.


      Do you have any experience with the larger sensors and fast moving objects?? 


      Thanks again!!!!

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      I need some advice on growing my set up for shooting a musician I work with.  I want to get a second camera to shoot a second angle at shows.  There is only one cameraman (me) so I am thinking to get the HF G20 or G30 and put it on a stationary tripod set up on the stage (or somewhere with a good shot that is safe – someone may be assigned to stand next to it – for the entire show).   I use a Canon 70D with a Calumet monopod to shoot video for the first angle moving around to get to different sides of him and behind the audience etc.   I am thinking to buy the Calumet CK 7300 Tripod*  and put the HF G20 or G30 on top and turn it on and leave it on for the entire show – in some cases I may be able to move it but in others I will not and then I will move around with my 70D to shoot the other angles of the show.

      I am also thinking about getting the

      light below to put on the Canon 70D. 


      So far the sound I am getting from the camera (70D) is very good but I am thinking that with the sound from the 70D and the HFG20 or 30 I will edit together the sound in Final Cut to get the best combined sound depending on what each camera captures.  I was thinking about getting an external mic to put on either or both cameras.  What do you think?  I would greatly appreciate your advice.  Thanks in advance!


      * Other tripod suggestions appreciated I just know Calumet build a sturdy monopod – I got my Canon 70D and my monopod from their store in Chicago the week before they went bankrupt and closed their doors here sadly – I was hoping to go back there for support because I live here! No luck on that score.

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      I wrote a longer piece that got lost so I will just say from my experience the Canon HF series has different color coding and will be hard to match.  I use a t2i with magic lantern for the second camera and a Zoom H4n for sound with excellent results.  I have a 70D for the main camera.

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