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      Hello everyone. 


      I am trying to follow my dream and shoot a documentary that I've thought about doing since I was a junior in High School. I am a complete newbie so go easy on me πŸ™‚ . My budget is non existant so I am looking for a camera under $650 (I would go as low as 300 if the price was right). The documentary would be shot mostly indoors and any other tips about what to do with audio and other things on a tight budget is really appreciated. 


      Thank you guys for the help πŸ™‚

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      Hi T-Nichs – with a $650 camera budget, if you want to be able to shoot a documentary with image quality that looks like this:





      You may want to look at the $555 (on sale, with the kit lens) Panasonic G6 camera and a $99 Rode Videomic Go external microphone.


      This camera is just as easy to use as a camcorder (fast video autofocus, a viewfinder you can use while you're shooting video) – but it will give you better, more cinematic images than any camcorder in this price range.


      I don't know how long this sale is going to last, so if you want to get one for $555, you should jump on it now.


      Hope this is helpful and good luck with your documentary!



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      Last year a documentary that was partially shot on an iPhone won an Oscar.  (  


      If you have a compelling story you don't necessarily need fancy gear.  You may already own something to shoot it on.   Also, consider buying something used.

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      thanks for the reply! I am still looking lol and we're still in the very infant stages of it so I don't know if I'll be able to get that one πŸ™ any other choices? 


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      Thumbs-up on plnelson's comment. Most point and shoots these days shoot pretty good HD. I use a Canon point-and-shoot for crane and steadicam B-roll shots, and it blends in surprisingly well with the footage from my big Panasonic camera.

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