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       Need some advice on buying a camcorder for recording my son at his karate competitions. First of all, i'm not after any thing flash, which i expect your all going to tell me i wont be getting for my budget anyway. I only want to spend between £150 to £350, but don't mind buying second hand. I am also no camera man, so i need some thing that will be simple to use. There isn't much chance of running around filming, the 20' by 20' ring that my son will be performing in, so all footage will be recorded from one position. Maybe a tripod would be good to use? Wide angle lens? Obviously all tournaments are held indoors so i guess light levels may come into play. I would like to transfer recordings to facebook, youtube and my computer, in a user friendly way, as also being no camera man, i'm not to clued up with computers either. Karate can be very fast moving so need some thing which will capture all the action. Rounds only last 2 to 5 mins max, so battery capacity shouldn't be an issue, although i would like the ability to record a hour of film if needed. I guess a spare battery would take care of this. As i say i don't mind buying second hand if i end up getting more for my bucks. Any recommendations? Thanks for any help you can give me.

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      I highly recommend using a tripod, above the action.  While many parents will be trying to crowd the ring, you'll get ALL the action without the distraction of camera movement.


      As for which camera?  I recomend you check out some of the reviews this site has to offer.  With yiur budget, I don't think you need to worry about extra lenses.  Videography has gotten much less expensive but you still need to worry about editing software and such.


      Find an inexpensive camera/camcorder that you can use.  Don't worry too much about whether you'll goof or not – it's part of the experience.  If you really want to capture your sons'matches in a competent fashion – shoot a match that is unrelated to your boys and experiment with that.


      I've found that Sony camcorders perform well in low light, maybe you will too.  Good luck!!!


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