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      Hello. My name is William and i would like some help please.
      I’m a new member so a quick bit of background.
      We had a lodger staying with us who was a tennis coach and he used a camcorder to film his tennis lessons.
      When he left us to move on to pastures new, he left his camcorder behind for me.
      It wasn’t something i was expecting.
      I did show some interest in the video-making process and he did show me how to do a bit of editing but that was about it.
      Long story short.
      I took the camcorder fishing with me and tried to film what i was doing then i tried to make a YouTube video out of it.
      I feel a little embarrassed posting about my filming and my videos on here because my attempts are so amateurish and i don’t want to run the risk of lowering the high standards of the Videomaker site.
      We all have to start somewhere right !
      If you would like to see the level of amateurism you are dealing with here, you’re welcome to take a look at the videos i have made so far. Here’s a link to my most viewed video and you can then navigate your way around my YouTube channel from there :
      My situation is this.
      The camcorder i was left by the tennis coach is a Sony Handycam HDR-HC9 and the movie editing programme i have been using is iMovie 08 which is what comes with the MacBookPro i have been using.
      I have been enjoying the process of learning about making videos and filming my fishing sessions has added another very enjoyable element to my fishing experiences.
      Unfortunately though, the camcorder has recently developed a fault with the ‘flexicable’ and i am no longer able to film using the flip-out LCD viewing screen. The only way i can continue to film (if i want to move about) is through the viewfinder only.
      I had resigned myself to saving up some money to try and get the camcorder fixed and as i have been working to do that, someone i know said they had a camcorder stuffed in the cupboard that they weren’t using which i could make them an offer on if i wanted it.
      Of course, being a complete beginner at all this, my knowledge of camcorders and cameras etc is very limited (if not completely non-existent). I am now finding myself in unfamiliar territory which i now need help with and is the reason i have joined this site.
      I hope someone can help ?
      With the HDR-HC9 the film you shoot is recorded on to tape but the camcorder i am being offered records on to something called a Memory Stick.
      Up to this point, i didn’t even know what a Memory Card or Memory Stick was (yep, that’s how far behind i am with my knowledge base !) so i did a bit of reading up on the subject and i think i’ve got a bit of understanding about it now.
      What i need help understanding is this.
      The camcorder i am being offered is the Sony HDR-CX9 which records on to a Memory Stick and what i can’t find out is whether i will still be able to use iMovie 08 on my MacBookPro to edit film footage ?
      I’m sure i read somewhere that you can only use Sony Vegas to edit footage with the HDR-CX9 because of the type of Memory Stick that the camcorder uses.
      Cost is very important to me at the moment and it would be a real help if someone could tell me if i could still make videos using the HDR-CX9 with my current MacBookPro iMovie 08 set-up ?
      Sorry this has been such a long post and thank you in advance for any help or advice you can give me.

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      Most USB card readers that attach to a computer will read the memory stick pros, etc. And adapters are available on that will let you use a class 10, micro sd card in the camera, cheaper than buying MS Pro Duo cards.

      I use Windows, but if the iMovie will read AVCHD (*.m2ts) files, then you should be able to use the camera and memory cards.

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