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      I am looking for a newer camcorder for event videography (weddings, personal histories, and personal use).  Had settled on the Canon HF G20, then the G30 is about to come out, and just today saw the JVC GC-PX100B.  I would love some help in comparing them.  I know the difference in the two Canons (newer CMOS, 20 X magnification, etc), but I haven't seen any site comparing the new JVC with either of the Canons.  I know there are a lot of folks out there who are a lot more tech savvy than me, so anything you can offer would be appreciated.

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      Hi iowapatriot – the image quality that I have seen from the $899 GC-PX100 has not been impressive. This is the best clip to date:



      The stabilization doesn't seem to be very good and the resolution is awful (that may be YouTube compression, of course)


      The examples I have seen from the $1279 HF G20 have been somewhat better:



      With 1080/60p, the not yet released $1699 HF G30 is probably the best of the 3 cameras on your list.


      Although none of these small sensor cameras will be able to match the image quality from a modern large sensor interchangeable lens camera such as the $1298 (plus lenses) Panasonic GH3:





      Mood piece/doc:



      Mood piece (low light):



      Good luck with your decision!



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      Thanks for the feedback!


      I was a bit iffy on the JVC partly because it seems so slanted towards sports slow-motion, but just hadn't seen it before and was curious how it would stack up.  It also doesn't seem to have 24 fps, and, while I'm not going to use it alot, it would be nice to have available.  I'm getting two camcorders, and will probably go with the G30, but with the peripherals, that will take whatever $$ I had budgeted.  The Panasonic GH3 would be wonderful, but that isn't in the cards right now.



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      I would recommend considering one less expensive camcorder (or DSLR with video) and one prosumer camcorder that will stress your budget a little.  If you have clients lined up, you'll make your investment back.


      I won't tell you which brand(s) to select, you'll need to do your homework.  My point is, if you buy something you LOVE now, you won't be disappointed later.  Good luck!


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      Wow the GH3 looks amazing! What's an advantage of getting a camcorder over a DSLR (besides the price)?

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