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      I want shoot calisthenics tutorials (body-weight exercise) and I want use slow motion in some cases. So I need a lot of fps. I was looking on YI 4k+ but I don’t like fisheye for this purpose. My budger is max 1000$. Do you know about something good? Thanks

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      With a budget around $1000, you’re not going to find 4K camcorder that can do high speed, but here’s a great alternative. Panasonic’s HC-V770 does 120fps at 1080p, and through some in-camera manipulation, will give the equivalent of 240fps. Price for this cam is around $600.

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      Thanks for reply. I just bought FDR-AX53 with 100fps slow mode (PAL version) but indoor there is not really good results. There is some 1000$ DSLR or something with better results or it is really small budget for this?

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