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      I have a lavalier / lapel microphone that produces a bit too much cable noise for me to think that it is ok.

      The mic is good and produces low self noise but the handling noise is way worse. I just cant understand how people on talkshows can run around during the show dancing and all that without having their clothing rumle heard in the audio. Do I just have to purchase a mic that has better cable isolation or is there a safe technique that I can adapt to make my gear usable other than on statues? πŸ™‚

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      Edit: I know there are all these advices about taping up the lav with moleskin so that it looks like a ball of fur or like a home-made medical tape creation but I find that ok for action scenes and all that. But I prefer to have my mic clipped on to the persons clothing (preferrably having the mic visible so that it looks professional and like an interview. I really dont like to either attach tape to their fine clothing or start to tape something to their skin if I dont have to. Often it puts them in a bad mood and that´s not a good thing just before a video recording.

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      What brand of mic are you using? Cable noise can mean a lot of things so please explain what you mean.

      I use a Sanken COS 11 and have no complaints about it at all.

      Unlike you though I prefer to hide my mic. Seeing it reminds me of a news person and that's not the look I'm after. I want the viewer to listen to what's being said and not be distracted by the mic.



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      Hi, rs170a and thanks for your response


      I also have the cos-11 but please let me know how you use it in your case to prevent cable noise. I mean the noise it picks up when the user moves or touches his/her shirt for example.

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      Glad to hear that you're using the same mic that I am as it's very forgiving and still gets great sound.

      I regularly browse a pro audio forum where issues like this are discussed and have learned that there is no specific method to wiring someone up with a lav, no matter how good it is.

      I'm no pro but here are a few things I've learned over the years.

      I usually run the mic up under the person's shirt/bluse/sweater and find the best place/method to secure it.

      This could mean using a clip (I have both horizontal and vertical ones) and finding an unobtrusive place to secure it.

      I've run it up the back of an interviewee, using a paper clip to secure it to the back of their shirt collar, and having it just poke out of the front under their neck.

      I've had it poke out of a button hole and hid it in the knot of a tie.

      I have a black one and a whte one (they also come in flesh tone).

      The bottom line is that there is no perfect way to do it and you have to decide what works best in the specific situation.

      Certain fabrics can be a real pain as they transmit every sound. Watch out for jewelry like necklaces too as they may bump up against it.

      The web site I mentioned earlier is and is comprised primarily of pro audio people who do this for a living. There's no need to register just to be able to read posts. Go to the main page and enter "hiding a lav" (without the quotes) in the search box. Get ready to do a lot of reading πŸ™‚


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      Any lav mic I have ever used has that problem. If talent is sitting or standing still, it generally isn't a problem. If they are going to be moving, I tape to the outside of their clothes (if they are going to wear a jacket over the mic), or have them tape to the inside of their clothes. That generally eliminates the problem.

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      I was just reminded of this Videomaker tutorial.




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      Thanks for the tips guys!

      I need to get some moleskin tape.

      I have seen the review here

      Somehow it seems like the sennheiser cable does a much better job isolating the mic from cable friction than the sanken but it might be just a bad item in the review.

      Perhaps tape up the whole cable with moleskin will make it more isolated πŸ™‚

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