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      Hi guys,

      So basically im thinking about getting myself a C100 and a decent L lens, but then i thought it would be wise to seqrch around ’cause maybe theres something better in a similar price range. I guess the cool think about the C100 is that its complete straight out the box, all you need is a lens, but cameras like the red, you need to buy a lot of things before you can use it, so my question is can anyone let me know if theres something better than the C100 in the same price range (that will work right out the box) Just want to get the most bang out of my buck. Ill gladly research the cameras myself, if someone could just tell me what to look int

      Thanks in advance!

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      Hi siemajasiuu – You may be able to save yourself some money and get better image quality with a $3227 (as of this post) Panasonic GH4 and its HD-SDI/XLR interface unit


      With the 4K GH4, you'll have four times the resolution of the 1080p $4999 C100 – plus you'll have 1080/96p slow motion, 4 HD-SDI outputs, compatibility with power zooms, the ability to shoot in-camera timelapse and a great still camera.


      The only thing you'll miss is the C100's built-in ND filter.  And you'll need 12V power for the interface – but you'll be saving almost $1800.


      Here is what the two cameras look like side-by-side (GH4 resolution is lowered to 1080p):





      Hope this is helpful!



      Hybrid Camera Revolution





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           I agree with Bill.  And as far as not having the built-in ND filters, You can always buy ND filters for whatever lens you go with.  They are relatively inexpensive.

           Also, have you looked at the Blackmagic Design line of cameras?

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