Buying a Sony HDR-CX190 for YouTube videos?

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So, I want to improve my YouTube videos, and am preparing to splash out the cash and buy a Sony HDR-CX190 to start producing videos with.


I'm looking for the camera to work nicely static, and to be fairly simple to take images on and off, as well as a longish battery life. 1080p is desired.


Do you think the camera would be up to the task? If not, could you suggest any others?

Thank you

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U.T. - I'd spend a few more dollars and get a Canon Vixia HF R300 for $295 at Amazon.  51x zoom, mic and headphone jacks.  The mic jack will allow you to put a mic closer to your subject - which will significantly improve your sound.  Headphones will allow you to monitor what you're recording.


It can produce video like this (make sure to watch in 1080p):



and this:



Hope this is helpful,



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