Buying a Dell Workstation T7600

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Hi guy, I’m new in this forum, my name is mario and I’m an editor and 2d compositor with AE and Combustion. For editing I use Avid MC.


The reason to get into this forum is becaise I saw the great review videomaker did on the Dell Precision T7600.


I’m planning to buy one of them, but the one that you reviewed was top notch, about $12,000.  The one I will order is $6,000, half of that.


Normally I work with HD footage but I want to have enough power to handle 4k if necessary.

Question I have is about graphic card, processor and what is must have in a workstaion like this because for me it’s a lot of money and I have to be careful and make no mistakes making the order.


Checkin the avid graphic cards specifications, the recommend a Nvidia Quadro 2gb 4000. I want to put a dual of that, two of them or the Quadro 5000. What do think will perform better, specially for the 3 main softwares, AvidMC, AE and combustion.  Or maybe the Nvidia Quadro K5000, 4GB.


Processors, I’ll put Two Intel® Xeon® Processors E5-2630 (Six Core, 2.3GHz, 15M, 7.2 GT/s) . It’s this ok?


I have an external raid Caldigit, so I won’t put one in the tower.

Memory 16 gigs


What else do you think it should have yes or yes....


Please, anyfeedback is appriciated.



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I might be of some help to you.  I went through the Dell learning curve and what I came up with has helped me .  I went to Fry electronics and had a tower built per my specifications and it saved me a lot of money!  And I received good quality components.  Dell puts in some good things and then athrow in some junk.  I run a 850 Watt tower with a 10,000 RPM C Dr. and to 7400 RPM drives.  I run a GeForce GTX 670 graphics card and AI seven quad core processor with 12 gigs of RAM.  I also run premiere Pro cc and all of the Adobe products using their cloud applications.  When the dust settled on this project if memory serves I had around $1500 invested.  The same machine.  I've read about runs around $4000.  And this machine runs premiere Pro and Photoshop and other applications simultaneously.  Good luck, I'll never buy a production machine again not for such heavy lifting as video editing

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That's great information - will they build laptop (desktop replacements) too?