Buy now or wait for 2017 models?

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      Would you buy a video came now, or wait for the 2017 announcements?
      I had a Sony AX-53, that the BOSS didn’t seem to work right, and returned it.
      I do about 50/50 handheld and tripod shooting, I also had shake problem on a tripod with the AX-53.

      So the Sony AX-33 or AX-100 sounds good, But I am leaning towards waiting for the Sony AX-73(I made up that model).

      DO you expect anything exciting for 2017 video camera?

      Thank you

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      If you had shake problems with the tripod, then that’s a tripod issue, not the thing on top of it.

      I’ve always had the opinion in this game that latest models of anything are frequently problematic. I always wait at least 6 months into a new model if I want to go for that one, but I normally buy expensive kit second hand now – deliberately going for the models people who are chasing the new ones sell off cheap – so I’m always one model behind and it works fantastically now the moving head machines are old – solid state two year old kit is excellent value for money. I compare old features to the benefits. A feature is pointless without a clear benefit.

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