Butterfly Effect News *Critique*

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      ANy critiques any ideas or if you like it please comment and share check out the vid and edit work

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      Pretty solid job.  I would say the biggest thing to work on would be your audio.  Try to get a mic closer to whoever's talking.  Did you use the green wall behind you for the chroma key? You got a nice clean key for the double box, so that looked good.


      Also, from a news standpoint, I would turn (like you did at 1:06) for all of your OTS shots (over the shoulder) and keep the OTS graphics off the screen for when you are on your normal medium shot.


      Oh, one more thing.  If you could rig up some sort of teleprompter, that would be good so you don't have to look down at your script.  A guy I know made one using a laptop, plexiglass, and some wood, so you might be able to McGyver something pretty cheap.


      Good work





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