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      Hi all,

      I know this question has probably been asked a thousand times but just wanted to see what everyones thoughts were on naming a business after yourself or something else.

      I operate as a freelancer at the moment but am currently in the process of starting a company to help acquire larger clients and also because I plan to outsource some of the work.

      Do you think there are any pros and cons to branding myself as Hatton Films (current plan, surname is Hatton) or something which removes me from the name like ABC Media (for example)?



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      That’s a good question with no real good answer…except ‘it depends.’ I find that my own name, as my business, helps me with social media postings, networking events and referrals, but my business name works better on bids and proposals. I get far more business from referrals. If you are hoping to resell in a short time, as in buy, develop and move on, use a company name.

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      Yeah, it’s a tough one. I don’t really plan on selling and moving on at any point (unless there’s a health reason) but maybe it’s worth just keeping my name out of it and building a brand around the business rather than myself.

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      Keeping your name out of it, as you put it, is downplaying the most important part of the business — you! XYZ Film doesn’t say much, just one stock name among many. “Daniel Hatton Films,” on the other hand, identifies you and your talents with the company you operate. Put your picture on your web site and on your business cards; market yourself and your abilities. Any kid with an iPhone can produce video: Only Daniel Hatton can produce your unique artistry, and that’s what you have to sell. Picasso didn’t make it big by calling his business “Weird Pictures Inc.”

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      I’d say that use your company or business name rather than your own name. You are trying to market your skills and ability so it’s better to market your own business name. Your business name serves as your brand as you establish your credibility in the video editing industry.

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      Hey Dan,

      You said you are operating as a freelancer, using your own name as a brand is not a bad idea; Hatton Films is the nice one, in fact.
      When it comes naming a business or after launching a business, setting up a brand is essential. You can get free business name ideas here:

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