Burning a 1080p short movie to a dvd for festival registration

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      I will send it to a film festival's election. I don't have a dvdplayer to try it. I need to know how I can burn this film for it to be able to play in dvdplayers? Is dvd flick a good program for this? Which resolution and settings should I use?


      I'm sorry for my poor English. Please help. πŸ™‚

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      Usually, the DVD burner program that came with Windows 7 does a good job with that.( Windows DVD Maker is the official name)


      Do your friends have a DVD player. Can you take your finished disc to an electronics store and try it there?


      DVD players are so inexpensive ( but don't get those "Discman" sized players) get something from a "name" manufacturer. There really is no excuse for NOT having one!



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