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      So have decided to move onto from iMac desktop and build out a intel based windows platform for color grading in DR11, editing and rendering in CS6. I have mapped out the following items to build my new workstation and I just would like to get some advice on this package and determine if it's good enough for working with UHD, and 4K in Cinema DNG and Pro Res HQ.

      4 Fan Chasis ATX Chasis 
      Intel i7 5930k (X99 Chipset)
      MSI X99S SLI Plus Motherboard
      1k W Power Supply
      nVIDIA Quadro K4000 GPU
      2 SATA 6/GBS Solid State Hybrid Drives set to RAID 0
      32 GB SATA III M.2 (For 4K data flow)
      16Gb DDDR4 PC4-17000
      Liquid Cooled CPU Cooler
      2 HP ENY 32" IPS Monitors (2560 x 1440)

      Keep in mind that I am not a professional colorist but I do manage to get the look and feel that I am looking for from my footage. However, whatever suggestions or advice you may have on this package for my NLE it will greatly appreciated.

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