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      I’m looking for a way to broadcast live events, politicians speaking at a monthly meeting, as smooth as possible.
      3-4 cameras.
      Which software do I need?
      There are numerous platforms…which one is the best?
      And which equipment such as mixer and cameras do I need?
      I have a Panasonic 160 as headcam but for cam 2,3 and 4 I was thinking of using possibly webcams…
      Any suggestions on which webcams that are good for it?
      Wireless would be nice…

      Sincerly/Oliver from Sweden

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      You need sound and vision, and you can be at the dreadful end of the spectrum or broadcast quality – or at a point in between. Price varies, as does the number of people you need to make it work. As a guide, have a look on the blackmagic website – they have all the video kit you might need at many qualities, but be prepared for a shock. Even the most cheaply made on-line video streaming programmes use expensive kit, and have trained people. Otherwise, the product looks rubbish, sounds rubbish and people will not watch it. Even horrible programmes are made in decent quality. Do you watch low resolution videos on youtube any more?

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      There’s a Windows app called Manycam which is free, but will stream and switch four web cameras when the user pays for the upgraded license. To use a camera such as the Panasonic 160 that uses an HDMI output, you’ll need a capture device such as Avermedia Extreme cap to convert the HDMI to USB 3 Manycam will see the Panasonic as well as the webcams. I’ve done this so I know it works, although I used a Panasonic HMC150. With multiple webcams, you’ll need a USB 3.0 powered hub.

      There’s a free product called vMix that will capture up to four cameras, but you will need a capture hardware solution and they get expensive.

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      You would need a Tricaster, Microphones for each person, a Mic Stand for each person, An Audio Mixer, a device to record the Audio and person to monitor the Audio levels. Then you need the 3 or 4 cameras that could hook to Tricaster and operators for each camera. And many rolls of Gaffer Tape

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