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      My knowledge of sound engineering is very limited.

      I have a song that I would like to use as a soundtrack for a video. I didn’t recorded myself, the friend who gave it to me did (he is the singer). I have no idea how he recorded it. The only thing I know is that his voice “sits” in the background and it’s overwhelmed by the instruments. The song is stereo. I separated the two channels hoping that his voice would fill one channel and the music the other, but the two are mixed together in both channels. So when I try to adjust anything in the song with sound effects in Premier Pro CC everything is effected, his voice and the music.

      Is there a way to boost the vocal and bring it “forward” without messing up the music? Or the only way to do it is to record the song from scratch?


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      Your only option is a remix of the song. You will have to ask your friend to re mix the track with the vocal more foreward.

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      Thanks Charles,

      That is not an option so I’ll keep the track the way it is.

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      You do have a few options, but they do depend on how the thing was mixed and what the mix contains. If the voice is a narrow range, frequency wise, with few instruments in the ‘hole’ it has in the mix, then you could use selective eq to give to a bit more prominence – but if there is another sound source in that range – perhaps 300-2.5KHz or so, that comes up too. The other possibility is looking at the stereo field. Adding left and right together with one inverted will if the rest of the insurgents are spread left and right, partially or maybe greatly remove the centre vocal. If you then create a mono version summed and then add these, with one inverted you might expose it a little more. This isn’t something you can do within a typical video editor, and success depends very much on how it was created and what it contains. It can also produce unwanted artefacts from the matrixing process – so sometimes the poor mix does at least sound good!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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