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      Hi Guys,
      This is an old subject probably as old as the bible itself? but I want to ask about branding and one I'm struggling with which way to go.
      Firstly I've been working full time in my current video production business called Xander Video for the last 3 years which is a retail style video production business servicing commercial and corporate online video including maritime and architecture. So I've been operating under this brand. Even though the brand is really just myself working in it, I sub contract a team to help carry out production depending on size and budgets so it does appear the brand is more than just one person been myself. The way I describe what I do to my friends is to think of me as a builder. Once I get the new house to build, I call in my suppliers and sub contractors to build the house with myself directing the project. 
      My situation is as well as a cinematographer/director I'm also a photographer and I'm trying to think how I can bring this in to my business? while I realize when my clients hire me they are hiring me to get the job done opposed to hiring the brand or label.
      Doing the research I know that the purist photographers will debate to use your name in the brand like Joe Bloggs Photography and some are quite passionate about this path. But I noticed in my market most competitors if not all cinematographers and video producers will use a brand name with something like pictures or films or media in their name opposed to using their individual name in their branding.
      My question is while most photographers will use their individual name for branding, why do most cinematographers or video producers use a brand name to brand their video business? is this what the market or clients expect when hiring a video production service? So than is their any harm for a video producer or cinematographer to use their individual name in their branding? For Example Allan MacKenzie Cinema Foto. I'd love to hear the for and against from a video producer and cinematographer perspective regards to branding with an individual name?
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      Mike WilhelmMike Wilhelm

      I don't run a production company, so take this for what you will.


      I am against putting a personal name in a production company for two reasons:


      1. It give clients the perception that you're bigger than you may be. Bigger=more resources.


      2. It's easier to either have someone else run the company once it reaches a certain size or simply sell the company if you're no longer interested in running it.


      That said, in smaller markets maybe having your name in the business name helps in that your reputation is widely known so attaching that reputation to your business becomes important.


      Honestly, I don't think there's a right or wrong anser to this one.

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      Thanks Mike, all good points… The other question I wanted to put up is there any merit and splintering your brand or setting up various websites that offer specfic servcies?? for example. Video production website here, cinematogrpahy go here and photography website over there etc etc! I hear some folks will distrubute their branding but the more websites to manage seems like more work? Is there anything wrong for putting all your services on the one website? will this confuse the market about what you do? If you happen to be a photographer, cinematographer, director and editor… can all these services live in the one place? without the market thinking I don't specialise in one service…

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      From a Google Analytics standpoint, having multiple websites crosslinking will help raise your rankings in search engines.



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