Bought wrong cam to record skateboarding?

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      Hello. I am a skateboarder from Norway, and recently I bought a Sony HX350 cam.

      I read some specs on the cam for the recording option and noticed that the recording is in 1920×1080 (60i), so I tought “1920×1080 60 fps for 451 USD / 3500 NOK is a pretty good deal”

      When I got the cam and tested it out, I wasn’t impressed by the results when I was about to edit the rawclips in Sony Vegas. It was A LOT of ghosting, and my usual method to remove it did not work. Also, it didn’t seem like it was a clear 1920×1080 pixel value on the MP4 or AVCHD formats.
      Also I noticed that 1920×1080 60i wasn’t an option. Only other options like: 50i 24M (FX), 50i 17M (FH) and 50p 28M (PS).
      I’ve been testing the different options in small clips to see if they look any better, if I can remove ghosting and to see if the clips had decent framerate. Still wasn’t happy about the results.
      Been testing some of the movie settings on the cam. Like: “Program Auto, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority and Manual Exposure”

      I wanted to see if anyone here could help me decide if I sould buy another cam to record Skateboarding (Mainly), or if I should set some specific settings for the videorecording-option on this camera.
      I’m also looking at a Nikon D3400 if I get my money back from this purchase. Thoughts?

      Keep in mind that I am a newbie when it comes to this kind of cams, so if anyone can give me some good tips or tricks I’d be very happy to receive and learn more.

      Thanks πŸ™‚

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      Never known a camera to exhibit ghosting since we had tubes? What do you mean?

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      I think you did. Sometimes, (well, it’s my only one) I use my phone even though it has decent quality. I don’t have much else to say.

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      hey i film skating alot, i use iphones sony vx1000 and a canon t6.

      try diffrent lenses and messing with the colors, the newer iphones film good honestly. the clip above was filmed on an iphone 6

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      He never came back! He never explained his problem. You posted some clips which makes comment far easier. I wish he did the same thing – we never did find out what he meant by ghosting!

      Phones can do amazing things now – and they're really quite decent in low light, in the same way my pro cameras are not!


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      So I am very familiar with the problem of ghosting. Shooting sports video with interlace mode is destined for failure. The time gap between the interlace frames, which the editor or player tries to lace back together, is loaded with blurring effects.
      The problem is using the 50i or 60i mode, when the correct choice is 50p or 60p. And secondly after choosing the correct mode, increase the shutter speed (reduced exposure time) to at least 1/100s and even better for skateboarding is 1/250s.

      In the skateboarding video above from May 16, the slow shutter causes the blurring of the skater. Of course a faster shutter in the dark is nearly impossible!
      Take a look at this indoor basketball, in a poorly lit gym, where I strive for the sharpest image I can:
      This was shot with a 1/120s shutter.

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