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      I've just stepped up from a Sony consumer camcorder to the prosumer JVC GC-PX100 which includes full manual, shutter priority and aperture priority modes.  I'm looking for a good book to help me understand these and other subjects such as depth of field, focus and lighting properly.  I immediately thought of John Hedgecoe but he only has one video book and it's a decade old.  Can anybody recommend some good reading for me please?  With thanks

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      You can read a lot online? Actually, probabably better that way (more updated). Search around on they have tons of articles and resources dedicated to this stuff.

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      The best possible way to learn is volunteer your services to help out with more experienced shooters and then freelance for a few years.  At the same time, shoot as much and as often as possible with your gear in varying situations.  Offer to shoot stuff for your church, kid's school, a local band, etc where you've got some room to make mistakes.



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