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      I have a big problem.I currently have a canon gl2, a se500 data video switcher,and a projector at my church.The issue is how to best hook up the three.The old video guy that left had the regular wire that comes out the camera to hook to a bnc video snake then went to the projector with the other end of the bnc.The problem was,he split to signal before he went to the projector and went to a dvr.Is this the correct way to hook up this system?

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      That is the wrong way to do it. Unlike AC power, a video signal can't be split that way. If you do, you drop your signal level by 1/2 and that's not a good thing to do. Ideally you feed it to a proper video splitter and then on from there.

      The proper hook up procedure is camera to switcher to projector.

      That switcher has two video outputs. If you'e not using one to feed a video monitor (can't imagine why you wouldn't), output one feeds the monitor and output two goes to the projector.

      If you do want to feed it to a DVR, either use a splitter or make sure it has a loop-through feature so that the video can continue to the projector.



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      I'm sorry, I didn't explain my situation right.We have a projector,dvr,switcher,and a output that goes down to the pastor's office.Here is the current hook-up

      Output from camera to a 50' male rca – male bnc cable

      The  other end of this cable goes to channel 1 on the switcher

      Main output 1 of the switcher to projector channel 1

      Main output 2 to Dvr

      Output from Dvr to cord that runs to the pastor's office.


      The problem is,how do you see what you are recording on the dvr?

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      There are two ways to do this.

      #1 is an external video monitor that has BNC in and out connectors.Switcher output 2 to monitor in and monitor out to DVR.

      #2 is to hook an external monitor to the output of the DVR.

      Look around at pawn shops and recycle places (maybe TV/cable stations) as CRT monitors with these features that used to be everywhere are now being discarded daily. It doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to show a picture.



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