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      I did this test to illustrate the Metabones Speed Booster. Apparently it reduces the crop factor from 3x to 1.7x. I assume that means the field of view is similar to a Canon 7D.

      Video 1:

      Video 2 (same with color correction wipes):

      Pics of the setup:

      Shot 1: 28mm @ f/5.6

      Shot 2: 50mm @ f/4.0

      Shot 3: 85mm @ f/4.0

      Camera Settings

      ASA 800

      Color Temp: 4500K

      Format: ProRes HQ

      Color Mode: Film mode (13 Stops of DR)

      Frame Rate: 23.98

      Also, this forum is a real piece of crap. Constructing this post reminded me why I left in the first place…

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