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      Thought I would share some footage I've shot with the Black magic pocket cinema camera. I've had this camera for a while now finding a balance between what style rig works best for my situation.


      Shot this in a canoe with my shoulder rig stripped down barebones. Just two 15mm rods a v-lock battery and the bmpcc with the sigma 18-35. Let me know what you think.


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      Interesting video, but a little overdone with the light-burst effects,  It reminds me of those old 8mm home videos when the film got accidentlty exposed due to a bad light leak in the film canister.

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      A little overdone? Some beautiful images ruined by the constant effect – that was completely unnecessary in my humble view. Colour saturation seemed a little lower than I personally would have liked. Some of the passing object shots with still water were really nice – but then a big yellow zap crept into the frame and out again. It matters little, but I hated the music. If people remake Beatles songs, it's dangerous, and that one just annoyed me.


      So – great pics, but really didn't like the effect or music.

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