BMCC vs PMW-200 for mainly event videography

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      Friend and I are starting a video production company. Our main bread and butter will most likely be weddings and other type of events, maybe corporate vids. We already have a 60D. Friend wants to purchase a PMW-200. We are also indie film makers though and plan on using whatever new cam we get for that as well. We have a decent lineup of lenses too.

      My question is do we need to go that high of a price range and pickup a PMW-200 or can we get away with a BMCC to do the job? I'm just wondering what advantages the PMW would have over the BMCC especially in that sort of event shooting environment

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      If you have lenses I would go with the BMCC. I don't need to shoot 4:2:2 that often, I shoot mostly commercial, real estate, wildlife, education and things like that. I don't need more than 1080 for 99% of my work and 720 still holds the top spot for me and marketing type video's on the internet. I shoot with a FS-100 and one thing I would never give up is the ability to use different lenses. I would think you can shoot anything with a BMCC that you can with a 60D but the PMW-200 might hold you back on the Inde stuff.

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      I would personally go with the BMCC. After buying external battery packs and a few lenses, it would still be cheaper than the PMW200. In my opinion, the only downfall of the BMCC is it's only capable of shooting 24 and 30fps.



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      Thanks for the feedbakc guys. One thing however is I noticed that Premiere CS6 doesnt have support for CinemaDNG files, so I guess until Adobe officially supports the format, a BMCC is out of the question. Do you have any recommendations as to possible alternate camera choices instead of the BMCC or PMW-200  that will allow us to make use of our lenses and provide 4:2:2 ?

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      Not at the price. I rent an external for my FS-100 to record 4:2:2 but not doing the Inde thing I don't really need 4:2:2 that often. The BMCC does record DnxHD format and that pop's right into PP and AE no problem for me. I don't believe most NLE's are up to Cinema DNG just quite yet but I'm sure they will be along soon. You could either record that or convert to cineform for now.

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      You already have a 60D which is a great video camera for doing shallow DOF and all the other wonderful things that DSLRs do. I think what you need is a real video camera like the PMW 200 or something similar. The BMCC is a great camera but it doesn't do a lot that your 60D won't. What about real video image stabilziation? Autofocus? Power zoom? I have two video cameras (Sony FX1000s with Ninjas) and a large sensor video camera (Panasonic AF100). I use all three in a wedding. I could operate without the Panasonic, if I had to, but I wouldn't consider it without a traditional video camera. There are too many situations where you don't have time to set up a large sensor camera and fuss with the focus. What about the first dance? What about the boquet toss? What about panning around the head table during the speeches? Large sensor cameras are great and they create some incredible images, but event video has some challenges that are best met with a traditional style video camera.



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      I have to agree with geraldprost. The most important thing in event video, which seems to be how you expect to make money, is a camera that just works. DSLR and DSLR style devices are not very good for run and gun.

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