BMCC & Spherical Panos…I Want To Have My Cake And Eat It Too!!

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      First off I want to state that I am a Noob! 
      I have been been seriously studying 3d graphics and animation for a long while now and want to take my learning to the next level. I am looking to purchase cameras that I can learn and grow into, that I can use for years to come. 
      I like the fact that I can have so much latitude with the BMCC in shooting live plates to integrate with my 3d and action cg, but I would also like to learn to shoot spherical panoramas as well. 
      Can anyone offer suggestions on a great camera mate to go with the BMCC, meaning sharing lens and offer great dynamic range for panos and that will also be something that is professional enough so I can make money with in the future.
      My total camera budget is $5000 give or take. Any ideas because with the BMC's cropped sensor some lens just aren't a good match and I just want to buy good lens for them both to share. Since these will be my first pro cameras, I have a clean slate (no prior investment in any camera gear to consider). 
      Oh I have working knowledge of Nuke, Houdini, Realflow, AfterEffects, and many years of working with Avid Symphony if that means anything.
      Thanks In Advance
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      Well, I found the answer for myself with quite a bit of research. If anyone else is interested, I contacted Armando at and this is what he had to say:


      "Hi Kevin,

      Thanks for the e-mail. For the BMCC, there are a lot of factors to keep in mind. The fact that it is EF mount will limit you to only Canon lenses if you want compatability between both a DSLR and that camera, so I think a 7D would give you the best quality with the lenses I think would work best for you.

      I'm recommending this one because it takes EF-S lenses as well as regular EF lenses. The EF-S compatability would work great with the BMCC because the lens that we most commonly recommend with the Blackmgic is the Tokina 11-16, which is an EF-S lens built for cropped sensor camera bodies. Since the BMCC has a 2.4x crop factor, finding a good wide angle can be difficult. The Tokina fits in nicely with both the 7D and BMCC as far as wide angle range is concerned.

      If you want a little extra range on both camera, I can recommend the Canon 16-35 f/2.8 as well. Very solid lens."



      I hope this helps others!!

Viewing 1 reply thread
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