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      Hey everyone,


      I'm new to videography. I have little knowledge about the subject. Im learning to make a video series to advertise my management consulting business. 


      my equipment: canon t2i, canon 18-55 lens, tokina 11-16 lens, cowboy studios triple lighting kit

      I'm looking for advice on how to make professional/movie quality videos. I've seen a lot of great work on youtube with the same equipment but my videos come out grainy or blurry. 

      I've been shooting at 24fps, 50 SS, 100 ISO and I try to keep my f-stop as low as possible

      Ive been making test videos indoors just so I can see some results in a controlled environment. the lighting kit I have is fairly bright so I can get away with a lower ISO. I also try to bring the f-stop as low as possible. 

      my videos always come out blurry. whats weird is, the probelm is worse with the tokina lens (although I bought it after doing a lot of research and seeing it was good for videography). 

      ive also tried removing picture style settings (saturation, sharpness, tone, contrast)

      Any advice?

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      I was looking through my old posts on here today and came across this you might find it insightful.

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      Sinder Films

      Those cowboy studio lights can have a really low CRI and give a lot of noise into the red channel. How do skin tones come out with those lights? Do you look really sick and palid? Try some outdoor stuff just to see if it goes away.

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      The problem is you need more light. I had the same problem my first video.

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      Hmm Do you have test footage we can see? Upload something to youtube and link it here.


      Is there a specific reason you are going with the 24fps instead of the standard 29fps? I'm not sure that is your problem, but everything can have an effect.


      I am not as familiar with dslrs and their advanced settings but here is a tutorial that will hopefully help some:


      Maybe with some test footage someone smarter than me might be able to help, the only things that come to my mind are lighting, auto/effect settings, damaged censor? Only if you bought your dslr secondhand.


      Good luck

      Justin Reto


Viewing 4 reply threads
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