Blurry wedding video from canon vixia sf100

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      I just shot some video for my daughter's wedding.  All the "short" footage turned out just fine . .. the short clips that were about a minute or so each.  But the footage from when I placed it on a tripod and left it to run for about 1.4 hours, is blurry.  The camera split the footage into about 6 different files, and they are all out-of-focus/blurry.


      Any ideas about what went wrong, or if this is recoverable?  Many thanks!

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      Well that's a pity. Assuming your camera is mechanically fine and no one put stuff on the lens, it's probably an autofocus issue. I just read the Vixia instruction book, p60, where it outlines some areas where autofocus doesn't work. If your room was dark, if someone put something in front of the camera, if you were shooting though glass or screen…if your camera thought it recognized a face…all those things throw off auto focus. If you had the camera on manual focus and it didn't stay focused, it's broken. 

      Some video editing software can sharpen images…good luck.

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      There may be a couple of ways you could still use some of the video – although it won't be up to par. 


      Try using a "Sharpen" filter to tweak the most of what you have.


      Use short clips that will mean the most.  Keeping them to a minimum length will minimize the distraction.


      There are probably others who have some great advice that I haven't thought of, maybe they'll join in…


      Hey, if it's what you have, work with it!  Good luck!!!

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           As far as the split files go, you can probably stitch those back together seamlessly, if you find that they can still be used. In Windows, you open a command prompt, go to the directory where the clips are, and use the copy /b command. For example, if you have a clip1.mpg, clip2.mpg, and clip3.mpg, you can stitch them together using the following command, once you have your command prompt in the directory where the files are:  copy /b clip1.mpg + clip2.mpg + clip3.mpg AllClips.mpg. The "AllClips.mpg" is the name of the file that you want to stitch the other files into. You can, of course, name it whatever you want. I heard that there is a similar command on the Mac, if you happen to be using one, but I don't know off the top of my head the syntax of it, as I use Windows. But I'm sure a Google search would be able to find it. 

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      I hope the sound is good?  Maybe blend the "good" videos with a little bit of this one, plus still photos. I'm imagining the blurry video playing in the background (saturation and opacity scaled back) with a slideshow in front. 

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      Sorry to hear about the blurry wedding videos, but I think your own diagnosis is probably correct. In my 10+ years of doing videography, I don't trust auto focus for shots where the camera is always pointed at the same thing.  


      I use autofocus to get the initial focus, and then lock the focus or put it in manual and leave it focused exactly where it needs to be focused.  I am pretty sure your camera is fine and there is nothing wrong with it.   I would just use manual focus as often as possible if I were you.   By definition "manual focus" will stay focused where you want it to.


      Happy shooting!

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      Thank you for this feedback – much appreciated.  I just assumed my autofocus would take care of things.  Who knows, maybe after considering what you said, the fact that I walked in front of the camera after turning it on, made the autofocus set on objects only a foot or two away.  Could that be?  Well, at least we had another guy in the back with a handheld camera.  I just regret that I didn't get the faces of everone walking down the aisle.  I guess I'll have to break it gently to my daugther after the honeymoon!




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