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      I am planning on doing some videos on groups of dancers. Amongst other things I want to create a segment that shows the dancers blurred i.e. motion blur. This is done in still photography by slowing down the shutter speed. How is this done in video?
      I want to create the effect in-camera rather than in post.

      Thanks for any advice.

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      Same exact technique in video – lower the shutter speed. Your best results come through lower frame-rates as well, shooting at 24p. But to ensure consistency when editing, use the same frame-rate as the other footage that you are shooting for this project. You can play with a few techniques, such as keeping the camera still on a tripod, allowing only moving objects to blur, or go hand-held which will blur everything as the camera moves but with more emphasis on the dancers. Set up your camera at home and try various shutter speeds while you move around in front of the camera.

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      Hello Kevin
      Many thanks, most useful

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