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      Could do with the assistance of others out there.

      I am looking to either hire someone to burn raw footage to blu-ray discs or alternatively obtaining a blu ray burner that will produce very high quality discs that are not region locked and can be played on a Mac laptop.

      The footage is currently 4 hours long and is in .MOV format with the codec in Apple ProRes 422 (LT) Linear PCM Timecode

      Also what kind of software would I need to split a 4 hour movie into segmented parts to put on separate blu rays so that the quality of the film is not impacted due to high compression rates?

      The current file size is over 128GB, so looking at how we could go about making a high quality video, and hoping this is easy to accomplish

      Any help with this would be fantastic

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      I'm interested in this too! Have you found out anything yet?


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