Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle (hardware and software issues) and Premiere Pro CS4

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      This has got me stumped. I’ve been testing the Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle USB3.0 for the past few days, and I’m trying to figure out how the hardware upscaling/deinterlacing works when it comes to upscaling SD 480i video (i.e. video from S-VHS).

      I am able to get the Intensity Shuttle to capture S-VHS video at both 8-bit and 10-bit uncompressed levels, however, when I go to upscale the footage, while I will set up in the Desktop Utility program, that I want my output to be 720p59.94 or 1080p29.97, and then try to capture in the provided Blackmagic editing software, the upscaling will default to 1080i59.97, no matter how many times I go into the Preferences and set it to 720p59.94, and go over to the DU and make sure nothing’s changed over there.

      But the most irritating part is that when it defaults to 1080i59.97 is that the Shuttle will MATTE the video into a 16:9 frame, even though I’ll have set in the DU to Pillarbox, so that I get the 4:3 in a 16:9 matte.(and if I want to fake the 16:9 look, I plan to use another copy of the video, blow it up to where it fills the screen, and blur out the background video, and crop off the black bars on both sides of the main video). And this matte will cut off what the shuttle is bringing in. And when I select anamorphic it’ll show the whole image but stretched to the 16:9 format (like when you are watching a 4:3 TV show on a widescreen TV and you have the TV set to have it fill he entire screen).

      And I haven’t been able to get Premiere Pro CS4, which I use for editing, to recognize the Shuttle.

      Anyone else faced this situation before? Is there a way to get the Shuttle to upscale 4:3 material in a pillarbox?

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