Black magic vs DSLR vs Camcorder for weddings

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      Hi everyone. I just joined the forum. I've debated switching to Black Magic for weddings, just curious if any of you have tried it. I have shot them before on a dslr and on a camcorder. And both have their own negatives and positives. For one, the video camera is much easier to use on the fly, and a few of them even have decent auto focus (still not as good as manual but not bad), also the camcorders I have used a couple of the newer canons have great stabilization built in, which is awesome. The DSLR's don't at all. The dslr also is hard to focus because of the small monitor. 

      The Black magic I've used in the past and it has great focus assists which in my opinion beat both the camcorder and dslr, but it is poor in low light and just like dslr, you need to have it attached to a tripod or a shoulder rig.


      Thoughts from those of you who shoot weddings?

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      I have the BMPCC – I don't shoot weddings, but this camera produces much wider dynamic ranges and more control of color in the grade than DSLRs, DSLMs or camcorders in its price class, as seen here:







      One of the main challenges with the camera, however, has been that it is hard to steady without bulky stabilizers, rigs or tripods.  This challenge has now been overcome.


      WIth a properly calibrated $699 Nebula 4000 Lite (a lot more compact than a shoulder rig or a tripod) plus an $876 Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera you will be able to create highly gradeable (and steady) images, as seen here:









      Hope this is helpful!



      Hybrid Camera Revolution





Viewing 1 reply thread
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