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      I’m a newbie that wants to enter into the world of professional film-making.
      As I wanted to ease into my new hobby (hopefully soon to become something more serious) I thought I would start out with some reasonably priced equipment.

      A quick Google search uncovered a product called the Black Magic Cinema Camera, an impressive looking bit of kit that seemed to tick all the boxes for what I was looking for.

      Just as I was about to take the plunge and buy a Black Magic, I discovered a product called the Atomos Ninja 2 (A field recorder offering HD recoding onto a laptop hard-drive).

      Now I’m just stumped on what to do and because I know very little about the technical aspects of these products (as you may have guessed), I feel as though I have 2 possible options and need some professional advice to decide what to do.

      Option 1. Buy The Black Magic Cinema Camera – retails for $3,000 (Australian Dollars)

      Option 2. Buy a good quality DSLR (say a Canon EOS 7D) and use the HDMI output from the camera to record to the Atomos Ninja 2, making up for any video features missing from the DSLR – for a total price of around $ 2,500 (Australian Dollars)

      Could someone please give me some advice on what to do? (i.e. pros and cons, technical advice and personal experiences with these products)

      Thank you in advance.

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      The biggest difference to me is the recording formats…   Much like RAW files on your DSLR, the BMCC records RAW video files. DSLRs whether recording to their internal codec or an external recorder create files analogous to a JPEG.  While color correction is possible, you don't get the full range of manipulation you have with raw files.


      While that sounds cool, keep in mind that RAW files take longer to manipulate, eat up more storage, etc.



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      Would using a setup similar to the one described in this video:

      (i.e. A DSLR that allows uncompressed HDMI output and an Atomos Ninja 2)

      give the same / similar quality compared to The Black Magic Camera?

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