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      Has anyone got one? I'm thinking to buy one but all I have found a 2 minute introductory reviews that only compare the 2.5k resolution and the 4K resolution and noting else. Does it capture 4k raw? or will that be an upgrade in the future when computers can handle it. Does the 4k camera overcome the cropping the 2.5 suffered? Does the DoF get wider? 

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      Jackson Wong



      These are great questions, its on our calendar to test the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K (a lot of emails and coordination needs to fall into place for this, but it's doable). We're also watching Blackmagic Design for raw availability on the Pocket Cinema Camera.


      As far as editing 4k footage: when we had footage from Sony's 4k camcorder, one of the big requirements was an Intel Core i7 processor. Otherwise, most pro editing software and computers can handle 4k. It's the codecs and displays that are behind the curve. Again, thank you for the questions, we'll look to address them if we have the chance.


      And to answer your first question no, we do not have a Production Camera 4K, you'd all be hearing about it soon if we did!




      The review is up:

      But at the time of publishing, no RAW.



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      Thanks Jackson


      Sorry I just saw your reply..


      I was hoping the community went and bought it en masse as soon as it was released. I have a video shop close to where I live and they have one sitting in the window… I've been known to sit and ogle it for a far while on a few occasions… I am seriously considering buying the BMCC 4k but I'm just an amatuer (wanting to get into the big time).


      It seems great bang for buck tho but I wouldnt mind knowing its limitations before I committed… I'm going to be doing a world trip and hopefully turning it into a doco for TV (if I can get it that far)… My only negative opinion of it at the moment is the form factor… seems pretty hard to handle unless I use a tripod or cage. I may end up having to do that anyway regardless of any camera I decide to buy.

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      I’ve seen so many motivated amateurs with money burning a hole in their pocket buy very expensive cameras that, for the most part, end up sitting on a shelf or in a closet collecting dust.

      Everyone is so excited about 4k that they forget to ask if they need it for what they are planning on doing. Video production is about telling a story. Cameras are just tools. Get good at telling stories with video, and if this is your calling, jump into a more expensive camera later.

      I don’t know from your post if you fit into this enthusiast category, or if you’re a seasoned professional. But as a warning to all equipment purchasers – make sure you’re spending your money wisely and not purchasing fancy toys that go to waste.

      I, for one, don’t have the clients that could afford to pay me what it would cost for me to upgrade to 4k. I’ll be sticking to HD for now.

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