Bieber ROBOT!

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      I made this video this week just to challenge myself to try and make it look real. Would love your thoughts on it. A girl who misses the way Justin Bieber used to be takes matters into her own hands…




      If you like the video, please subscribe to my channel too if it's easy! 

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      This went up back on June 11 and nobody said anything? must not get very much traffic.   I thought your video was great!   Could you talk a little about how you made it?

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      Hi Plnelson — Thank you!! I really appreciate it. I setup my dslr with 10mm on a tripod to shoot this. I had to composite Bieber's head using a variety of sources and then just tried to piece together as many things in the background (wires, etc.) to make it look like a robot head. 

      Then, the only other issue was timing. At the end, I just got a clean shot of the background so I could rotoscope out the "body's" head (another actor). I hope Videomaker sees the video and likes this! I've been trying different experiments on my youtube channel: — would love for you to check it out. I've been looking for filmmakers to collaborate with. 

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      This is sooooo rad.

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      Funny video, John.  Is that your daughter? She's a great actress.

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      Thanks Jordan and George! 

      George, not my daughter — a friend's. I'll pass on the compliments πŸ™‚


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