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      Gday all,
      Be warned about movavi’s claimed ‘Lifetime’ license –

      I recently bought “1 x Movavi Video Converter – Lifetime License”,
      but I actually only got about four months of Movavi Video Converter Version 16,
      which I only realised when I went to install the latest download version (after a new OS install) and found my key was not valid for the new Version 17.

      So my “Lifetime License” lasted for about a third of a year – just one version of the product, during which I received NO updates at all.

      There was no mention of versions in my purchase, nor in the advertising nor product information when purchasing the current version :,4636227&QTY=1,1&CART=1&CARD=1&SHORT_FORM=1

      This is a prima facie case of false and misleading advertising.
      I contacted movavi about this, but their agent Maria Kukhtinova from the Movavi Support Team dismissed my complaint with :

      ” The license is permanent for the specific version of the program. When we release a new version, you are offered to purchase an upgrade or to refuse and keep using the version you own.
      You purchase a license for a specific version of the software, for instance, 16. All the minor upgrades within 16th version are free (16.1, 16.2 etc.). All the major upgrades to the next versions (17, 18, etc) can only be purchased if you need them. This is the only type of licensing that is available. ”

      This critical information about licenses only applying to one VERSION was withheld from me as purchaser – one might expect a ‘Lifetime’ to cover the life of the buyer, or at least the life of the product – NOT just one version.

      So too the information that movavi is currently on Version 17 after 12 years in business, and that Version 16 was nearly a year old when I purchased.

      Frankly – this is an dishonest rip-off – which even appears to be deliberate policy by movavi.

      Avoid movavi’s false ‘Lifetime licenses’.

      Quentin David Jones

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      I tend to agree with you – if the product name remains the same, then the inference is upgrades are free. In fact, if the lifetime relates to the lifetime of the version number – I too call it a con. Could you have chosen a non-lifetime license, how long would this have been? The same?

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      Having read the Movavi site I see no con. If you go the monthly subscription route and do not cancel it, you get the latest versions as they appear. Stop the subscription, and your access to the software stops. You purchased version 16 of the software so you get the programme and any updates, if there are any, of THAT version. If you want a new version you have to pay for it. An outright purchase version does not stop working when a new one comes out. This is the licence model used for instance by Avid. I have a perpetual licence for Pro Tools 12. I pay a yearly fee to get updates. If I stop paying I freeze at my current version. It does not stop working. If later I wish to get the latest version and updates, I would have to pay for it.
      I have Pinnacle Studio 18. If I want to use version 20 which is the latest one, I would have to pay for it.

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      Have to agree with Charles Bennett: no “con” or rip-off here. You purchased vers. xxx and have a license to use it as long as you like. To obtain vers. yyy you’ll have to pay for the new version. Very few companies these days give away upgrades.

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      I know this post is a year and a half old, and my response may never be read, but I just tried to upgrade my Video Converter using my Lifetime License and was also rejected due to not purchasing the latest version. In response to the last few replies to the original post, it unnerves me when people post replies with simpleton attitudes that don’t support the buyer.
      The product purchased is Movavi Video Converter-Lifetime License (no version number, no explanation of updates on version purchased, and no explanation of what a lifetime is). Come on, if I promised you a lifetime of anything, you’d expect it to be for the rest of your life (or at least the life of the company right?)
      What is ALSO unethical is that, if you are deciding between 2 products, and one offers Lifetime Licensing, that might be the factor that sways you, right? So, NO, this is misleading and since the company has been contacted about it, they should provide explanation at the time of purchase.
      By the way, I am selling a used car with lifetime supplied tires. The car has 90,000 miles.
      I won’t tell the buyer ahead of time, but I consider the life of this car to be 100,000 miles….

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      I quote from the Movavi website knowledge base “How are Movavi programs licensed?”
      “Any Movavi license grants free updates within the purchased version”
      “Upgrades from version to version are considered as a purchase of a new licence

      I have made the relevant words bold.
      All the information on Movavi product licensing is available on their website. It didn’t take me long to find it as it is not hidden.

      I am not treating this with a simpleton attitude either. Lifetime with regards to software means as long as your operating system will run it. Effectively you have a perpetual licence for the version you own. If Microsoft update Windows tomorrow and the software no longer works, are you going to expect Movavi to give you a free update? I don’t think so.

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