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      I have been using my DSLR (Nikon D5100) for quite sometime for photography. However, in the next year, I will be involved in a project or two where I will be mainly shooting videos for YouTube.


      I used my D5100 for YouTube and it is fantastic. However, because I am going to be recording mainly videos, I was wondering if there is a better alternative to shooting with a DSLR especially if it offers more features, video quality, flexibility or ease of use.


      Budget is < 2500 USD

      I will be mainly shooting interviews or videos within good lighting condition

      If needed, I have my own light kit.


      I came across other options such as:

      Sony NEX-VG900

      Sony NEX-FS700

      Samsung HMX-QF20BN

      Canon LEGRIA HF G10

      Panasonic X900


      Some reviews have also shown that the Canon EOS Mark3 is also a very good choice. However, it's a DSLR, and for that price, I am wondering if a better video camcorder is better.


      I would really love your feedback.



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      Please ignore the Sony NEX-FS700. I don't know how it got there LOL. it's quite expensive…

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      I love shooting with my 7D, and my company is currently saving for the Canon EOS C500.. and I'll explain why below. 


      I was shooting for quite a while with a Sony A1U and upgraded to Panasonic AG-HMC150P and both were good; in fact the Panasonic was fantastic at shooting in lower light conditions compared to the A1U, and designed to shoot video very well; and utilized a fantastic variable frame rate ability and shutter controls. However the size, lack of lens options, weight, and focus abilities seemed very counter intuitive.


      But my issue was that I wasn't getting a very crisp image that I was looking for, so I truthfully moved into the world of DSLR's and picked up a T3i at first and moved to the 7D very quickly for the full frame sensor. 


      I will stick with DSLR's and high resolution digital cameras (such as RED Cinema Products for well known examples) because they offer a piece by piece customization option once you step away from the body both infront and behind with EVF viewfinders and screen adapters. 


      Depending on what you're looking to do with your video projects, prior to spending money on another camera, I would invest in a shoulder stablization rig which gets rid of the newness and uncomfortable handheld video shooting that most feel when getting into DSLR video. 


      Also, a downside to DSLR video is sound recording is poor and will need to be suplimented by an external mic (such as a RHODE shotgun mic) that may plugin into the camera or an external recorder that can be audio synced in post production if you're doing everything yourself. 



      EDIT IN:


      And for shooting interviews with a lighting kit, a good tripod and your HDSRL would be perfect. It will be the audio you'll need to take care of. DSLR's are phenomenal for shooting interviews. 

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      Thanks for your reply!


      I am too a fan of DSLR's I guess :). I think I will go ahead and buy the Canon 5D Mark III. I've heard lots of good things about it, although its a bit too expensive but I am sure it will be of great use in years to come!


      I also welcome any other suggestions!


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      I really like the Canon 5D Mark III. Here's a review that ran in the October issue of Videomaker.


      I hope reading this will help you in your decision.

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      Thanks for the link, I love it more now! I will start looking for the best price available for this toy!

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      I love DSLR, because its quality is fantastic. I want to buy one if anyone have information about the best DSLR please tell me.

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      Depends on your needs, I had a Nikon D5000 then sold it for the Nikon D5200. I LOVED them both. I found them very good for still photos and good for videos too.


      I am only getting the Canon 5D MkIII because it offers more control over video but still being excellent at still and low-light conditions.


      I hope this helps.

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      for price with quality of picture the 5d is unmatched

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      Great to know that as I have already ordered mine 🙂



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