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      Hello fellow friends in this forum, i am from and in nigeria, i am not a camara man, but i am an upcoming producer of a production house in my country, so i was looking at buying a camara to use and shoot my home film, so i have make some research, and some people say i should go for hdv camcorder and some say i should go for dslr, 7d, rebel t5l, t3l, 70d, but many really prefer 7d. So please i will love professionals here to help me out expecially the dslr, my buget is under $1000, please i love you to tell me the diffrence and why you prefer your it. Thanks

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      If I may suggest: it's the story that sells, not the gear.

      That being said from my own experience: go for a camcorder. And focus on your storytelling.


      Dslr's started to offer video features around 2009/2010. Ever since I've been experimenting on video and finally (after two years) I decided to buy myself a camcorder. Started with the jvc hm150e, now sony nx3. 80% of my video jobs are produced with the camcorder. Only 20% with the dslr. I won't say this won't change, especially when dslr's are evoluating in a way that they become more convenient to handle for video producers also, but for now I'm happy with the decision I've made. 


      I hope this will help you out, making the right decision for your job.

      good luck!


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