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      Warmest greetings, my dear colleagues. I have a interesting question for you.
      I work as Senior Picture Editor at Radio Television of Kosovo, National Broadcaster for territory of Republic of Kosovo.
      Since 2 and a half years ago, we crossed over to File Based Production System. All our archive was in Betacam SX tapes, and to use it, we captured through a BlackMagic Capture card, MJPEG 8-bit format, import into Premiere Pro, and since material was 5:4 or 1.33 Aspect Ratio, had to conform into Square Pixel aspect ratio, and then export into Mpeg 2 – 4:2:2 – 30Mbit file.

      Recently, through my own analysis, we found out that our production needs are 50% DV and 50 % SX archive tapes.
      So, we want to unify our formats, as much as possible, and my questions would be as written below:

      1. Is there any visible quality loss, if I export files without conforming to Square Pixel, and instead use it as it comes from Blackmagic capture, so MotionJPEG, 8-bit, DV/DV-PAL aspect ratio?

      2. 720×576 = 5:4 or 414720 pixels // 768×576 = 4:3 or 442368 pixels
      these are the numbers I want to check. I’m I losing too much, from 768 to 720 pixels Width?

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