Best Wildlife/Scenics 4K cam?

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      Looking for the best compromise under $2500 for my purposes. (but I would prefer to spend less)

      I shoot nature/wildlife/scenic, but also have a few scripted and creative dance projects in the works. I’m an experienced still shooter, and retoucher, relatively new to video. I’m guessing that tracking flying birds in video will be beyond my current price range for camcorders.

      Feature list is: 4K (primarily for editing), Slomo, and rocker zoom. IQ is very important.

      I have had excellent results with the Canon 7D MkII, as I shoot mostly stills, but can switch to video quickly, and use my collection of Canon L Lenses. Alas, no 4K, slomo, or powered zoom.

      I considered the Panny GH4 as I could adapt on my Canon lenses, but I heard that focus would be VERY slow. The Canon XC10 (now $2k) is appealing but seems to have some serious limitations/flaws. I would prefer to use DSLRs, but I’m being advised that a camcorder will likely be a better option for my needs -?

      Sony AX100 seems to be an affordable option for the time being, but it has 2yr old technology, and I’m sure a more complete option will be announced the day of delivery. Still, I suspect this would be the best option for immediate use.

      My hands-on experience is limited to the gear I have, and there are no nearby dealers to test equipment. So I’m seeking advice here, then will make a choice & call B&H. It seems we’re on the cusp of a new round of more evolved 4K options. Newer & better solutions constantly appear, but at some point you have to pull the trigger and make do.

      Thanks for your opinions.

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      Have you looked at the Nikon P-900?

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